AltydBy Honey is 100%
Pure Natural Raw

It’s superior to regular honey, since it’s completely unprocessed, unpasteurised and non-irradiated.

Strengthens Immune System

Nourishes your skin and face

Natural home remedy for Dandruff

Home Remedy for Cough

Useful for Weight Management

Boosts your memory

Used for Healing Wounds

Natural Energy Drink

Customers reviews


Simply the best honey I have bought.
Kirsten Bredekamp
Had great service from Johan, really happy
Kayley Steyn

Serving Suggestions
The Healthy Alternative

Use as an alternative to sugar to sweeten porridge, and tea. Serve with yogurt, on crumpets, scones, waffles, muffins, bread or toast.

Natural Sugar
Vitamins & Minerals

100% Natural, Pure and Raw

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